mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

qoo framework development status August 2012

Hi everybody!

It's been an year (or so) after my last commit to qoo framework and this speak for itself.
Back to the time i started the qoo framework project, i was a full time php developer and i wanted to give back something to the community i learned so much from.

I spend a lot of time reading the code of frameworks such as Zend and Symfony and i have learned a lot about php programming and about object oriented programming.

One year after i am a full time javascript developer who embraced nodejs as primary development and deployment environment, a language that has a very elegant and sophisticated object paradigm... i really wish php will evolve in something similar.

That's why i also started a mini project called knot.php, inspired by Nodejs + Express stack, but it's hard to find the time.. someday i will upload it on GitHub and share with you.

Let me clarify something: At the current state, qoo is a perfect Front Controller implementation, supporting routing, filterchains, dependency injection and so on. You can write different routing logics, you can use different dependency injection on your controllers and you also have a builder.

qoo has been immensely useful to me, since he taught me almost everything about php, now i hope it will be useful for other people as well.

See you with knot.php, a nodejs/express inspired framework still to come.

sabato 11 giugno 2011

qoo development status: June 2011

Hi everybody, i've been busy with exams at universities in the last few months so i couldn't keep this blog updated very often...

What i want to say with this post is that qoo development is still alive and that i will get my hands on qoo in the second half of june ;)

See you soon !

venerdì 20 maggio 2011

Routing basics

It has been a month since i wrote the last post, but don't worry, i've been busy with qoo!

Since the last post, qoo has new features:
  • Enhanced exception handling
  • Enhanced error handling
  • Request forwarding
  • Enhanced routing

I wrote a tutorial in the google code repository in which you will find updated informations about routing.
More tutorials and code examples are coming.

giovedì 7 aprile 2011

qoo framework mvc architecture stub

NOTE: This is VERY OUT OF DATE, new charts coming soon :)

Here's a stub of qoo framework MVC architecture it's generic but it's meant to give and idea of which components are involved in it.

martedì 5 aprile 2011

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lunedì 4 aprile 2011

Qoo is here

Hi everyone! This is the very first post on our Blog and this is where we will be posting news about Qoo development, so stay tuned!

Qoo is a lightweight easy-to-customize php5 framework with focus on simplicity and source code readability!